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Genre SF
Style Low-end
Creator M Blaze Miskulin
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2:01 is a discrete shared universe. This is slightly different from a traditional shared universe in that each production ("season") is self-contained and separate from the others, but the events all happen in a shared universe.


In each instance of a 2:01 story, there are similarities.

The Situation

A government worker wakes up in an isolated, off-world, location. They have access to necessities, but no way to leave. Primary communications are off-line, but secondary communications provide them with approximately 2 minutes of "send" capability once a day.

The Reality

In each case, the person is the subject of an experiment. All of the various groups are providing corroborating data, along with repeatable and falsifiable data.


Alpha Base

All situations within 2:01 happen at Alpha Base. Each instance, however, shows a distinctly different setting.


The specific location of the incident varies with each experiment. It's changed to fit the expectations of the individual involved.


There is nothing to verify the validity of the stated locations. This is where the person believes to be, but there is no proof that they're actually at that location.


2:01 is a very low-end production created as a way to "get something out there". Originally designed as a single production with 61 episodes, it was quickly changed into "seasons" because of constraints of time and creativity.

Production Notes

The complete run is still intended to run for 61 episodes, divided into 4 "seasons". The number of episodes and titles are planned out, but the content after Season 1 is left to other creators. The exceptions are the single episode of Season 3, which has already been written, and the final episode which has been roughly plotted.


Each season is shot using stationary cameras in a single room. The primary camera is a "webcam" used for external communication. The protagonist learns that they can only connect to outside for two minutes and one second per day (2:01). The actual time, however is one minute, fifty nine seconds.

Other rooms (toilet and kitchenette) are referred to, but never seen.

The second camera is a hidden security cam, giving an overview of the room. Additional hidden cameras may be used.


List of seasons and episodes

Season One

Season One was written and performed by M Blaze Miskulin, and were recorded in the spare bedroom of his apartment in Taicang, China. The first 13 episodes were recorded in a single week.

The haunting background music is "Echoes of Time V2" (e01-e09) and "Echoes of Time" (e10-e22), written and performed by Kevin McCleod

The full season runs 22 episodes, each with a running time of 2:24 (including title cards and credits). The episode titles are the first words of Lamentations Chapter 1 (which has 22 stanzas). 5 of the titles are "redacted". These are ones with direct religious references.