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Full Name Ajax
Alias(es) Ajax the Bold
Age Late 20s
Race Human
Sex Male
Height 180 cm
Mass 105 kg
Body Type Fit
Hair Blond
Eyes Blue
Appearance Handsome
Family Angrim (Br)

Chardros (F)

Occupation Prince
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Created By M Blaze Miskulin
First Appears
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In 'Verse


Ajax is the younger brother of Angrim, son to Chardros Stonecutter, and a prince of the Whitemoon clan. He grew up in Castle Whitemoon, and was taught by some of the best tutors available. While an intelligent young man, he never really cared for studies. He spent much of his youth exploring the Bar Comas mountains around his home.


Where Angrim is known as "brave" for his calm indifference to harm, Ajax is "bold". He loves adventure and the thrill of danger. He leaps into dangerous situations with a sense of joy and discovery that makes him laugh. Knowing that his brother will ascend to the throne when the time comes, he is keenly aware that he has no real responsibilities. As a prince of the realm, he is also quite aware that he will never want for anything. These, combined with his natural curiosity and high energy level, have given Ajax a freedom that most people can't even dream about.

Ajax knows that his brother will be king, and is very happy for that. Being king would be too much of a cage for him. He has no desire for the throne, at all. And, while he is a "free spirit" in many ways, he still respects the leadership of his father and his older brother--both of whom he loves dearly.

It's a bit of a running joke throughout Shan Ke that Whitemoon can't really be a royal family, because there's no drama or intrigue.

While Ajax is carefree and often irreverent, he is not irresponsible. He simply chooses his responsibilities carefully.