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Genre Crime Drama
Style Dramatic
Tagline "Sometimes two wrongs
do make it right"
Creator M Blaze Miskulin
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The Frame

Genre & Style

Blackhats is a contemporary crime drama viewed from the side of the criminal. The show maintains a realistic tone with little or no stylization. The central location of Shanghai--combined with stories and scenes shot all over the world--do, however, lend a regional style to many aspects of the stories.


A young "white-hat" hacker gets caught up in a series of minor incidents which, together, switches his focus to "black-hat" hacking. There's one twist: He only targets criminals. He's no Robin Hood, however. He--and his colleagues--keep the money for them selves.


A highly intelligent, but naive, young man encounters a small series of setback while working in China. This pushes him past his comfort zone and into a “game” of chess that pits him against the worst–and wealthiest–criminals in North America and Europe.

James McCoy is an incredibly talented programmer who gets into hacking for the fun of it. After college, as a way to escape from his overly-protective parents and “discover himself”, he takes a job with a company in China. There he teaches computer skills and business English. When his well-intentioned actions get him fired, he doesn’t know what to do. An off-handed comment from a friend sets him down a path he never would have dreamed.

Using his skills, his friends-such as Robin--and a naivete that keeps him from understanding the real repercussions of his actions, James starts targeting wealthy criminals. Through complex machinations, skilled hacking, and a little old-fashioned lying, he raids their accounts and passes along evidence to the police… or rivals.

The 'Verse

The Setting

Blackhats takes place in a fictionalized version of reality.


Blackhats may exist in a shared universe with Little Dragon