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Black Hats

The Black Hats are those who know the full story. They're the ones running the operation. In legal terms, they are the conspirators; they are fully culpable.

Grey Hats

The Grey Hats are those who know a little bit about what's going on, but don't know the whole plan. They engage in "questionable" actions for Badger & Robin, but they do it for good reasons.

White Hats

The White Hats are people who have no knowledge of what is actually happening. They are recruited because they are honest and clean. They are recruited because they can provide valuable services to the Black Hats, while never breaking any laws or rules.


The Irregulars (named after the Baker Street Irregulars) are a wide and large collection of people who are called on by James to assist in various tasks. The are often "nobodies" who owe James a favor, or whom he pays to help. Occasionally, they are coerced into helping.

Production Notes

While some irregulars may be stock actors, most of them should be pulled from the fan base. Sponsors, donors, and other contributors can be thanked with a small role as an irregular. This may be in person, via video, or on the phone. This is also a great way to bring in *actual* experts on various topics and have them provide real information and insight.