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Dian Dao is a 'verse in which the only sapient species are robots. They have a strict hierarchy, with only a few of them having a truly independent identity.


  • Master Researcher: The Master Researcher is the protagonist for the film. He has an extensive and unusual curiosity. He questions everything, and is always looking for ways that the past can influence the future. His primary motivation is improvement.
  • Master Archivist: He studies the Ancient Data and legends (unverified data). He questions why the “Sacred Language” is verbal and inefficient. His curiosity never goes past idle speculation, however. He is one of the (unintentional) inspirations for the Master Researcher and his quest.
  • Master Builder: He creates the new bodies for the higher forms (Masters and Avatars). They are all based on a common form–roughly human. His comments on this are another inspiration for MR.
  • Master Cartographer


  • Avatar of Ages: Controls the reclamation and preservation of history
  • Avatar of Life: Oversees the bots which have "Awakened"
  • Avatar of Man (aka Grey 17)