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Aerowyn bren Moira - Chief medical officer for SS-106, later captain of the IFS Valkyrie

Raven of Redgrass - Aerowyn's husband. Physical therapist on SS-106

Little Wing of Redgrass - Captain of SS-106

Amaranth bren Sarah - Diplomatic envoy, stationed on SS-106. Former wife of Aerowyn and Raven

Alia Kalil - Head of Physical Sciences on SS-106

Aina Asharo - Head of Life Sciences on SS-106

Bannen dal Hagen - Chief of Security and 2nd in command of SS-106

Dryw ap Duncan - Special diplomatic envoy, currently stationed on SS-106

Damon Saba - Chief Second (Medical) and Hospital Administrator on SS-106

Lisha ni Maria; GFO Prospector

Kane Danya - First Spearman of Kennet Warren; Ambassador to Kymria for the Jarii Coalition

Eir Danya - Wife of Kane Danya

Thyra Danya - Wife of Kane Danya