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The following is a list of the major characters in the Legion universe.

Angelic Host

The Angelic Host are [Angels (Biblical)|Biblical angels]. Seven of them are allowed to interact directly in the affairs of Man.

Demonic Host

Earthly Host

There also exists a group which are "sons of Adam", but are not fully human. Some of these are humans who have been affected by higher powers, while others are demi-gods resulting from sex between a human and a Power.

Human Participants

While the Hosts are the primary forces of the apocalyptic battle, they have only recently entered the fray. There have been, for centuries, humans who have been an important and integral part of the war. They are, after all, the prize which is being fought over.

There are 3 basic classifications for mortals: The Blind, Witnesses, and Legion.

The Blind

The vast majority of the human race belongs to The Blind. They can't even see the workings of the Apocalypse, much less affect it. They have no power, no influence, and (most often) no knowledge. That does not, however, prevent them from being a part of the Battle. On both sides, there are those who follow faith--who do what they are told to do and trust that their actions are important to the cause.

The Blind are the "wildcard" in the war. Victory lies not in the battles fought by the Hosts, but in the eventual choices of humans.


There are those who can see, but who are not privy to the secrets of the War. These are the Witnesses.

Finding a true Witness is difficult. They are mixed among the many charlatans and weak-minded who see mystical signs in random pieces of toast.


There are--and, for millennia, have been--those who know the truth about the War, and actively fight it. Various organizations, societies, cults, and associations have worked to further the goals of both sides. These people know what is happening--or accept it on faith--but do not necessarily have any special powers. They fight the War at a lower level--beneath the apparent concerns of the Host.

Because the War is about winning the hearts and minds of Humans, however, the Legion has a far better grasp on the tactics required to win.