Chardros Stonecutter

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Chardros Stonecutter
Full Name Chardros Stonecutter
Alias(es) Chardros the Haunted
Age 70s
Race Human
Sex Male
Height 200 cm
Mass 110 kg
Body Type Stocky
Hair White
Eyes None[1]
Appearance Grandfatherly
Occupation King
Created By M Blaze Miskulin
First Appears
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the actual person is intended nor implied.

Chardros Stonecutter is the patriarch of the Whitemoon clan, and king of the nation of Shan Ke.


Chardros is the only son of king Ulrich the Bloody. His father, at only 20 years of age, fought a civil war which ended with a strained peace between the Humans, Dwarves, and Giants of the Bar Comas mountains. When Chardros took the throne, the peace had existed for 75 years.

Chardros spent his younger years amongst the Dwarves and Giants of Bar Comas, in an effort to learn their ways and better understand them. During the 20-odd years he lived with the other races of the nation, he learned a great deal about their cultures, their traditions, and their perspectives.

Upon his ascension to the throne, Chardros used his understanding--and his reputation--to forge strong bonds between the three primary races inhabiting Shan Ke. Shortly after, he successfully negotiated a power-sharing scheme between the established aristocracy and the powerful guilds.

While Chardros has always been a peace-keeper, he is no stranger to combat--nor has he been afraid to wade into the middle of a battle. It was in one such instance, shortly after his ascension to the throne, that Chardros lost both his eyes to a sword-strike. The severity of the wounds (and certain magical factors) precluded the use of regenerative spells (eyes are one of the most difficult organs to regenerate). The Dwarves, as a token of mutual friendship, gifted him with 2 enchanted rubies which--when worn in his empty eye sockets--allow him to see.

Chardros has 5 legitimate heirs. 3 sons, Angrim, Nikor, Ajax and 2 daughters, Kira and Ariel.


Chardros has always been an insightful and reserved man. He understands the complexities in subtleties of politics, but he hates them. He views the crown as a shackle, and the throne as a prison. He understands and accepts the duties placed upon him--and fulfills them to the best of his ability--but he would rather be a smith or a mason.

He raised his children to be strong and independent. He knows that one of them must assume his responsibilities upon his death, but he does all he can to extend the time before that is necessary.

Chardros gained his moniker from his time amongst the Giants and Dwarves. His skill as a stone-cutter and mason were exceptional (for a human). This skill--and his intense interest in studying under the masters of the two other races--was a key to his ability to unite the three races.

At his heart, Chardros is an idealist. In reality, he's a pragmatist. He does what needs to be done in order to further his idealist dreams. He is a shrewd negotiator, and nobody's fool. His time amongst the Giants and Dwarves gave him a greater understanding of their philosophies, and a stronger path to wisdom.