Collection Agency

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Collection Agency
Genre Urban Fantasy
Style Dramatic
Creator M Blaze Miskulin
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The 'Verse

Started in WWII as a group if individuals who found–and kept–some of the mystic items Hitler was looking for, the Collection Agency is a loose network of private collectors of mystic artifacts. There is no governing body, and only one rule: Don’t show off. Those who break the rule are punished by the community at large.

There are, in the world, many artifacts that have supernatural powers. While the most famous of these (e.g., the Holy Grail) are fictional, many others do exist. The members of the Collection Agency find and acquire these objects for their own collections and use. The members are not altruistic, and their morals are often slippery to non-existent. Working to protect their own self-interests, the members do punish those who use objects to commit serious violent crimes or crimes which will gain notice. While they don't have rules, per-se, they do have many guidelines by which they judge the severity of any breaches in secrecy.


Collection Agency is designed to be an ensemble show. The Tradesmen form the backbone for the stories, while a host of others fill out the cast for that story.