Dian Dao

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Dian Dao
Genre Science Fiction
Style Dramatic
Creator M Blaze Miskulin
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The Frame

Genre & Style

Dian Dao is designed to be an animated movie (CGI) with a sharp contrast between technology, nature, and wastelands.


Dian Dao, through the protagonist, will explore the nature of these contrasts, as well as some basic questions of "What are we?" and "Why are we?" The answer (or one possible answer) is that we are the product of our histories, and the conflicts within them. Those conflicts are what drive us forward.


Elevator Pitch

On a world populated by robots, we follow the story of one machine. A new bot advances through the ranks to just below the highest–Avatar. He crosses to the Forbidden Lands in search of a way to “restart evolution”. He returns with amazing secrets and a frightening solution to his quest.

Long Form

The location is Earth in the far future. Mankind has died off, and what remains of civilization is confined to what remains of Japan. The only intelligent “life” on the planet is a society of robots. There is a strict social caste system which is based on progression of both software and hardware. At the top are the Avatars–vaguely human-form androids which govern aspects of the world. For example: The Avatar of Justice is in charge of the court systems.The protagonist rises to the level of “Master”–that just below Avatar. In order to ascend to the level of Avatar, he must create something new. His studies and tasks up to this point have left him with a strange curiosity, and an uneasiness at the stagnant state of affairs.Doing the unthinkable, he takes a small force of lesser bots and crosses to the Forbidden Lands–what we know as North America. He finds the remains of human civilization and learns of poverty, disease, strife... and war. He returns with this information and the knowledge that the only way for his people to advance is to face hardship. Poverty and disease are impossible for robots, so he commits to the only path open to him.He creates war and becomes the Avatar of Man

The 'Verse

The Setting


The universe of Dian Dao is one where the only intelligent life is robotic. They live on “The Island” and venture onto “The Mainland” only for specific reasons. The Island is a beautiful nature preserve and meticulously-cultivated garden. With only a few exceptions, all artificial constructs–the cities, and all structures–are underground.

The Mainland, to the west, is a desolate wasteland. Bots only venture onto the Mainland to gather resources such as metal, rare-Earths, and fissionable material. This last is the most important for two reasons. First, it provides the fuel that powers their cities and–by extension–their own bodies. Secondly, and more importantly, the radiation from these materials causes changes in their processors which can cause the bots to become self-aware. Thousands of mindless bots (boxen) are sent to the mainland every year. Working in the mines has a “death” rate of over 98%. Less than 1% of the bots are affected by the radiation in a way which sparks self-awareness. These are sent back to The Island to join society.

The City

The City (it's only name--and there is only one) is a vast network of tunnels and underground structures that spans most of the island. It is clean, orderly, and mostly static. Residents have small quarters where they can conduct private business. Various facilities exist for shopping, work, social gatherings, etc. While there are a few large gathering halls--primarily for artistic performances--most large gatherings are done virtually.

Historical Overview

Modern history starts with the Cataclysm. This was the event that wiped out the "ancients" and resulted in the first Awakening.

With the loss of the Ancient World, and the birth of the Bots, things became different. Their code contained only a rudimentary mission: maintain, preserve, and grow. Most of the information from before was destroyed, and only fragments of digital records remain. These are called the Echoes, and are a source of much study, and must frustration.

In the intervening century, the bots have turned Dian Dao (formerly Japan) into an island paradise. They have created an intricate social structure and a complex culture.

Major Events

Important Sites

Sapient Species

The only sapients alive in this 'verse are the Bots on Dian Dao (电岛)

Major Factions


The Bots have no religion, per se.