Dragon Riders

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Dragon Riders
Genre Science Fiction
Style Dramatic
Creator M Blaze Miskulin
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The Frame

Genre & Style

Dragon Riders is a sweeping space epic as seen through the eyes of a mis-matched passengers (crew) on a sentient, sapient ship. Action, intrigue, and personal interaction drive the stories.



Elevator Pitch

Aboard the Tiamat, one of 9 “dragon ships” left from a former interstellar empire, a small group of people travel through the planets, moons, and floating cities of 3 star systems. Tiamat is controlled by an advanced AI, and (through her avatar) is her own captain. She represents the last federal power in the 3 systems. Her crew includes a federal magistrate, a young sociologist, and a genetically engineered “perfect warrior”. They act as researchers, bounty hunters, and a circuit court

Long Form

Dragon Riders would be a mix of golden age sensibilities and modern storytelling techniques. Basing the core group on fleshed-out archetypes, and utilizing self-isolating communities as the backdrop, the stories can serve to explore the questions we–people, cultures, and users of technology–need to ask.The many location of the ‘verse are isolated and diverse. This provides a simple method of moving from one story to the next. As long as the stories are kept away from cliches (such as that is possible in TV) they can work as a venue to look at social interactions, religion, politics, technology, life, death, love, hate, and humor.

The 'Verse

The Setting

In the far future, Humans have expanded out to 3 more star systems by way of giant “gates” known as The Rings. Enabling interstellar travel, The Rings allowed for the creation of a 4-system federation of colonies. In some unknown disaster, the Ring to the Sol system stopped working. Whether disabled or destroyed, nobody in the Colony Worlds knows. What remains are 3 systems filled with terraformed moons, biodomes, and orbiting stations filled with the widest and strangest array of humans the universe has ever seen.

With the Colonies cut off from the central government of Earth, they devolve into a loose collection of independent states with ever-changing alliances and animosities. The only vestige of central authority left are the Dragon Ships. 9 (originally 12) ships housing advanced AIs travel through the Colony Systems acting as circuit courts, providing a neutral venue for disputes between colonies and trials for the few federal crimes still enforced. The ships, themselves, do not participate in the proceedings except as observers and recorders. Each ship carries a federal magistrate and resources for an impartial trial. Geography


The Colony Systems have no Earth-like planets in the way that we normally think of them. A few moons are near Earth-size and fall within the habitable zone. These have been terraformed to an extent, and can provide external environments. What plantlife there is, however, is mostly in gardens and parks. There are no great forests (except for some rather sweeping bamboo forests). The majority of settlements fall into three main categories


Fully-enclosed and self-sustaining “city buildings”. These are built on the moons and planets that have the most Earth-like environments in terms of gravity, presence of atmosphere (though not breathable), and geologic stability.

Orbital Stations

Entirely man-made structures floating free in space. These are usually parked at various LaGrange points within the habitable zone (for easier trade routes), but may maintain their own orbits around planets or even the sun outside the Zone. They are more common proximal to the sun than distal, because of the plentiful energy, but they can exist almost anywhere.

Asteroid Warrens

Large asteroids which are mined for various resources are often converted to habitations during and after the mining operations. The inhabitants of these warrens tend to be isolationist, usually claiming abandoned mining operations and converting them to full-scale habitats.

Historical Overview

Major Events

There are three events that qualify as "game changers" in the history of the Dragon Riders universe.

The Discovery, when the First Ring was discovered entering the Sol system.

The Diaspora. After the purpose of the Ring was figured out, humanity quickly began to spread out through the 3 colony systems, breaking into factions, cults, and isolated ethnic groups.

The Blackout. For an unknown reason, the link to the First Ring suddenly broke, removing all travel and communication with the Sol System

Important Sites

Sapient Species

Humans are the only known (natural) sapient species in the universe. Through physical and genetic modifactions, the range of what is considered "Human" has grown greatly. Some experts suggest that humanity has stopped being a single species. For a variety of reasons (including politics, religion, and social inertia), the idea of branching species of Humans has not been accepted.

The other sapient species in the 'verse consists of only 9 individuals: The Dragon Ships.

Major Factions


All the religions of Earth, plus a plethora of new ones exist.


Tiamat is one of the nine remaining Dragon Ships (often called simply "Dragons"). She is one of the more gregarious and adventurous members of the Dragon Fleet. She has chosen a hull design which is "welcoming" and comfortable for human passengers.

She has made many friends, and travels with a small "crew" including a federal magistrate (name TBD), a sociologist (name TBD) and an engineer known only as "Doc". Sabaan Juud has recently joined the crew.