Genn Tau

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Genn Tau
Genre Urban Fantasy
Style Dramatic
Creator M Blaze Miskulin
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The 'Verse

Genn Tau is a parallel Earth where magic exists–but is constrained by the laws of physics.

The Mages are governed by 7 Circles. The Lower Six control the 6 Avenues of Approach–the methods through which the mages access and use their power. The 6 Avenues of Approach are:

  • Life
  • Art
  • Chemistry
  • Energy (technology)
  • Sex
  • Stellar (sun, moon, stars)

The Seventh Circle–the Genn Tau–is comprised of 3 members from each lower circle, plus 3 ad hoc members. They serve as the “supreme court” negotiating conflicts and deciding the rules that will govern all lower circles.

There are people born with the potential to tap into the flow of magic and use it to manipulate the world around them. Those people will always remain “potentials”, however, unless their talent is unlocked by someone who already has the power. They are taught to tap into the flow and, after a time, choose an Avenue of Approach.

Rarely–maybe once in a century or two, a “natural” appears–someone whose power doesn’t need to be unlocked by an existing mage. Now, however, is a time known as the “Rise of the Naturals”: a host of potentials able to unlock themselves, and tap into the flow without an Avenue of Approach.