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Genre Space Opera
Style Stylized
Creator M Blaze Miskulin
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The 'Verse


In the near future, a colony ship headed to Mars encounters a Guardian ship. The encounter leaves the Earth ship damaged and most crew in danger of dying. All of the colonists are in induced comas (a poor-man’s suspended animation) for the trip. Only a skeleton crew of 6 is awake. One of those is the medical intern, Sally Black aka “Sal”. 2 of the 3 navigational staff die in the accident. The third is knocked unconscious and in need of medical attention. The remaining two--Pat and Chris--are injured but alive. The Guardians board the ship to assess the damage (to their secrecy, not the ship) and meet Sal. She begs them to save the remaining pilot, the two crew members, and the colonists, offering her own life to keep their secret. The Guardians are impressed with her handling of the situation–mostly that she didn’t freak out when meeting aliens–and accept her life as payment. Only…. it’s not the way she thought. The Guardians repair the ship (well enough) and allow Sal to tend to the last pilot. In return, she is drafted as a foot-soldier in the Guardians. Pat and Chris are offered the option of joining, or having their memories wiped. (Later in the series, Sam will ask why the Guardians didn't just wipe *her* memory.)

She is not a hero. She is not the best, she is not special–other than being the first human in the Guardians. She is simply a common foot-soldier who has amazing adventures in a star-spanning police force.

For Writers

The Guardian 'verse is basically a "Star Trek" universe: It's wide open and available for any and all sorts of aliens.