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Genre Space Opera
Style Dramatic
Creator M Blaze Miskulin
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The 'Verse

Kymria is a blanket term for the universe which includes the Empire of the Kymrian Peoples. This universe actually includes 3 distinct states, one disputed political entity, and one neutral--but contested--section.

Political Entities


The Empire of the Kymrian Peoples is an empire comprised of several primary systems and a wide range of colonies, outposts, and other properties. The 3 primary systems are home to the 4 primary species of the Empire: Kymrians, Denevans, Delphi, and Hrazelle.

The Federation

The Sha'an-Tai Federation is the political rival to the Kymrian Empire. The primary races of the Federation are the Sha'an-Tai, the Elomn, and the Kia.

The Jarii

The Jarii Coalition is a loose agreement between 3 worlds within a single system inside Federation space. The 3 planets were originally penal colonies where "the worst of the worst" were exiled. "Jarii" loosely translates to "the undead"--a term used to describe those who weren't technically executed, but were expected to die, nonetheless. The 3 members of the Coalition are the Coa Jarii, the Saan Jarii, and the Jzung Jarii.


The Riik are an isolationist species of which very little is known. They control a very small portion of Real Space and have absolutely nothing to do with outsiders. The extent of their power is not known, but they have sufficient ability to keep others out of their space. For the most part, the other species have decided that it's just not worth the losses to find out more about them.

Other Areas

The Zone of Contention

The Zone of Contention is a wide swath of space between the Kymrian Empire and the Sha'an-Tai Federation. It is technically "free space"--uncontrolled by either side--but parts of it continually shift ownership between both empires and neither. The Zone is comprised of independent worlds and outposts which have only the loosest of rules governing them as a whole. These rules are the result of treaties, mutual understandings, and free-market forces.

Minor Players

There are a few "minor players" in Real Space. These are political entities that are part of, or outside of, the influence of the major political entities. The most prominent among them are:

Sapient Species

Between the major political entities, there are what are known as the Seven Species. This is not a complete list of the sapient species in Real Space, but the are the ones who are socially and politically active. They are:

Other known intelligent species are:

There are some sub-species, also. These would be analogous to human races. While there may be significant physical and genetic differences, they are still close enough to the "trunk" species to be able to interbreed.

Aspects of Culture

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Weapons & Technology

Being a complex and advanced society, there are a lot of weapons and technology specific to the Kymrian Realms.

The most notable technology is the Maern field created by the Maern Scientific Enclave. Maern fields power everything from FTL travel to personal defense fields.

The second major area of technology are Synthetic Minds. These are more than just intelligent computers. They have achieved status as a separate race, with limited voting rights in the Assemblies, and all rights of citizenship.

Cybernetics are also common, though there is an underlying distrust of this technology amongst some people.