Leanne Long

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Leanne Long
Little Dragon
Full Name Leanne Irene Long
Alias(es) 里安龙 (Li An Long)

Little Dragon

Age Late 20s
Race Any
Sex Female
Height Short cm
Mass Proportionate kg
Body Type Fit
Hair Dark
Appearance Average
Occupation Communications IT
Created By M Blaze Miskulin
First Appears
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the actual person is intended nor implied.

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Leanne Long grew up in south in a mid-sized town. She's not a farm-girl, but many of her friends were, and she spent time with them. This often meant helping out with chores, or enjoying the perks of farm life (riding horses, chasing chickens, shooting cans off the fence).

While a happy child, she often got bored. She was always looking for something to do, and never quite satisfied with what she found.

Her good grades in high school, high SAT scores, and participation in sports got the attention of the Navy recruiters. Seeking some excitement, Leanne signed up for a stint, straight out of high school. She served on a communications ship in the Pacific Fleet.

After her tour was up, she decided to leave the Navy and find work elsewhere. Her experience in the Navy, familiarity with various Asian cultures, and passable skill in Mandarin took her to Shanghai, where she got a job doing Communications IT with an American company.


Leanne is still bored.

She finds her job to be okay, but not really interesting; not something she want to be doing for the rest of her life. She's continued training in boxing, which she started while in the Navy. She's very good for her weight class--her speed allowing her to take on even bigger opponents. In the ring is one of the few places that she's really happy. The thrill of the fight, the danger, the excitement of winning all gets her going in a way that little else does. She's not sad or depressed... just bored. And boxing is exciting.

Because Leanne's name translates (phonetically) to Mandarin, her Chinese friends & co-workers often have fun with her. Long (龙) means "dragon" in Chinese. Li An can represent many different words or combination of words. So they use these to play word-games with her name. One that sticks in her mind is "safe dragon" (安龙). She feels that it describes how she feels.

A random witnessing of a mugging, triggers something in her and she decides to interfere. She takes out the two attackers, then walks away. She doesn't care about the victim, just the excitement of the fight. This leads her to spend evenings wandering through the less reputable parts of Shanghai looking for a "good fight"--a crime in progress where she can take out the criminals.


Note: The character name has been changed since this initial sketch was done

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