List of Genres in the Tapestry

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Genres can be fluid and hard to define. This list is a guideline for both creators and consumers. These definitions are not strict, but rather provide a set of general guidelines to help people identify what may or may not be included in a work.

Genre Name Description
Science Fiction This is "hard" science fiction. With the exception of some standard or specific conventions (e.g., traveling faster than light), the events within the universe will follow the known laws of physics and plausible extrapolations.
Sci-Fi This is "soft" science fiction. The known laws of physics will be given cursory observance, but strict adherence will not be followed if it conflicts with the story. Sci-Fi may include magical or pseudo-magical components.
Space Opera This is completely about the story and the characters. The known laws of physics won't be a concern past the obvious. Space Opera is generally more melodramatic or epic in nature.
Fantasy Magic exists. As do mythical creatures, dieties, fairies, etc.
Urban Fantasy Magic exists in a modern setting. The existence of mythical creatures, etc., may or may not be part of the setting.
Biblical Fantasy Fantasy based on the written and oral stories of the Bible, angels, devils, etc.