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Trilobyte Studios is an experiment and endeavor into Free & Open-Source Entertainment (F/OSE). The idea is simple: To create worlds which are open for anyone to use in the creation of their own works. Many of these works will be free (gratis), and all will be free (libre). Our goal is to take entertainment out of the hands of Hollywood and put it into the hands of those who actually love stories.

The Loom (as we call our Wiki) is a resource for the background and details you'll need to build new worlds.


The Tapestry is what we call the collection of universes that we're creating. Follow the link to see a list of the universes we already have open for use. Some of these 'verses have a lot of details and background information, others are just ideas waiting to be built.

This wiki also includes a Brain Bucket--a place to drop quick ideas that can be picked up and fleshed out into full concepts.


Weavers are the people who help to weave the Tapestry. If you'd like to become a contributor to the project Contact us and let us know. If you'd like to contribute but don't know what we're looking for, check out the Help Wanted listings. Or... just ask.