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Genre Conspiracy
Style Dramatic
Creator M Blaze Miskulin
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A secret organization made up of former spies, corporate and government officials, and an open-source network of “taskers” tracks down and utilizes lost, abandoned & forgotten “assets” in the pursuit of their goal. But… what is their goal?

Mimir takes place in our universe–with all the same rules and limitations. There is no advanced tech (beyond what we currently have), there is no magic, there are no aliens. The fear comes from knowing that this could be happening right now.

Started sometime in the past 100 years or so–most likely during or just following World War I–Mimir is a reaction to the increasing power of nations and their ability to affect the entire world. While they have influence in virtually all governments of the world, their plans are not nefarious. The organization is made up of people whose training and mindset was geared towards protecting peace. Originally, they thought to accomplish this through guiding their nation to supremacy. Through experience, however, they came to understand that the only way to maintain peace was to hold back those who would attempt to achieve too much.

The organization, by its very nature, is filled with intrigue, politics, secrets, and machinations Old habits–and old loyalties–die hard. While the stated goal of the organization might be monolithic, the paths to achieving that goal are fractured and often opposed. Structure


Taking its cues from the symbologies of Norse mythology, Mimir is divided into the Nine Realms.


  • Asgard (gods): This is the seat of power where those “in the know” steer the overall mission.
  • Alfheim (light elves): This is the “PR” wing of the organization. they handle leaks and revelations for various aspects of the missions. This is done to steer the overall direction of the mission, as well as to disguise their movements.
  • Muspelheim (fire demons): These are the “black ops” of the organization. They are the ones who get their hands dirty. This includes those working online, also, but primarily deals with those who do “real-world” operations.


  • Vanaheim (sister race): The main operatives of the organization. They deal with the day-to-day operations. They are researchers, investigators, couriers, and spies. They only know what they need to know for their specific tasks.
  • Jutenheim (giants) Corporations encouraged or manipulated into working for the Asgard. Some do it knowingly, others without knowledge of the true purpose of their actions. They provide resources and cover stories for other divisions.
  • Midgard (humans): These are the Taskers. They are tools of the Asgard. They know nothing of the greater mission–or often that there is even a mission at all. They are fed information and used as “search engines” and “crowd-sourced computation”.


  • Svartalheim (dwarves): These are the “forges” in which misinformation and documentation are created. They are masters of marketing and forgery.
  • Hel (land of the dead): These are the operatives tasked with making information, objects, and people disappear
  • Niflheim (land of ice): The Archives, tasked with retaining–and keeping secret–all the collected objects and information of the organization. Part of this involves retaining a map of the network of connections between it all.