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Genre Fantasy
Style Epic
Tagline A pearl at the heart
of the Tapestry
Creator M Blaze Miskulin
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The 'Verse

Nexus is an odd world in the multiverse. It's a pocket universe with only one solar system, with only one planet. That planet has many names, but is know as Lou in the common tongue.

The Planet

Lou is a typical Earth-like planet with a range of environments and political entities.

Political Entities

  • The Kingdom of Shan Ke
  • Kissarah, desert kingdom

Sapient Species (Races)

The Nexus is home to a wide range of sapient species. Some are reflections from elsewhere in the multiverse, others are unique to Lou.

Aspects of Culture


Nexus has a myriad of minor nation-states, city-states, and independent enclaves. There are no major political entities or true nations. While there are a number of loose affiliations and treaties, most of them are not strong.


While there are many many religions in the Nexus, there is only one which has a strong, global presence and the political power to go with it. This is the Unified Corporeal Temple. It is governed by the 4 Bishops--Stone, Fire, Water, Air--and the Arch-Bishop Void. The scope and power of the UCT is comparable to the Catholic Church on Earth.

Level of Technology

Nexus has at a pre-industrial level of technology. It's not comparable with Earth in its progress, however. There are pockets of very advanced (for the context) in the world, especially in the area of clockwork machines and pharmacology.


Magic exists in Nexus. There are two basic forms: Sorcery and witchcraft. While they are both powerful, they work in different ways.


Sorcery works by directly manipulating the force of magic. The energy is shaped and directed to create the desired effects. Sorcery is more flexible than witchcraft, but it's also more immediate. Sorcery must be under direct control of the mage in order to have effect.


Witchcraft is a slower magic. It works through incantations, potions, and other physical media. An item is infused with the force of magic and becomes a vessel for it.

Magical Beings

There are a wide variety of beings which are connected to the flow of magic and which possess magical abilities.