Queen's Totem

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Queen's Totem
Genre Urban Fantasy
Style Stylized
Creator M Blaze Miskulin
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The 'Verse

The Fairie Realms are real, but sealed off from Earth. Only two person may cross bodily–the Queen and the Trickster. Trickster finds a loophole and takes the Princess across. The Queen crosses to bring her back.

While others can’t physically cross over to our world, their “spirits” can–in the form of “totems”. A totem is actually the name for the human which is possessed by the spirit of an archetype from the Fairie Realms. Both the Queen and the Trickster can call upon these totems to help them. The spirit finds the most appropriate host and grants them the knowledge and abilities of that spirit. For example: The Coachman inhabits a taxi driver, or the Huntsman inhabits a police detective.