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The Tapestry is the name for the collection of universes ('verses) that are available for projects.

List of 'Verses in the Tapestry

'Verse Genre Elevator Pitch Characters Publications Blog Owner
2:01 SF Mystery A simple government worker wakes up alone in an isolated outpost. It's just a matter of waiting until help arrives... isn't it? List s01e01 Blog M Blaze Miskulin
Blackhats Crime Drama A young man with hacking skills gets fed up with violent and corporate crime and decides to take his own route to cleaning things up. He’s no Robin Hood, thought. He doesn’t care if the criminals die, and he keeps the money for himself. List Teaser 01 Blog M Blaze Miskulin
Collection Agency Sci-Fi Started in WWII as a group if individuals who found–and kept–some of the mystic items Hitler was looking for, the Collection Agency is a loose network of private collectors of mystic artifacts. There is no governing body, and only one rule: Don’t show off. Those who break the rule are punished by the community at large. List Teaser 01

Teaser 02

Dian Dao Science Fiction On a world populated by robots, we follow the story of one machine. A new bot advances through the ranks to just below the highest–Avatar. He crosses to the Forbidden Lands in search of a way to “restart evolution”. He returns with amazing secrets and a frightening solution to his quest. List Teaser 01
Dragon Riders Sci-Fi Aboard the Tiamat, one of 9 “dragon ships” left from a former interstellar empire, a small group of people travel through the planets, moons, and floating cities of 3 star systems. Tiamat is controlled by an advanced AI, and (through her avatar) is her own captain. She represents the last federal power in the 3 systems. Her crew includes a federal magistrate, a young sociologist, and a genetically engineered “perfect warrior”. They act as researchers, bounty hunters, and a circuit court. List Teaser 01
Gemini Colony Science Fiction Instructions are received to build a transportation device and take a (possibly one-way) trip to an alien planet. 1,000 volunteers–from armed forces to Amish–take 144 cargo containers filled with everything they think they’ll need to start a new colony on the alien world. The new world is a mirror of Earth–terraformed just for us. The colonists engage in adventure, exploration, and intrigue–and that’s before they even meet the mysterious aliens. List Pilot Blog M Blaze Miskulin
Genn Tau Urban Fantasy Magic exists in the world, and those who are born with the gift to use is do so in secret. Governed by 9 guilds call “The Families”, their power remains hidden and controlled. 5 individuals–”naturals” who slipped past the families–emerge as a new, and chaotic, power. list Pilot (draft) Blog Eddie Reed
Guardian Space Opera A young med-student has a run-in with an interstellar police force. Her actions impress the aliens, and she is offered a commission. Her other option is dying in the vacuum of space… so she accepts. She becomes a grunt, and has many interesting–but far-from-famous–adventures. List Teaser 01
Kymria Space Opera Two “wunderkind” of the Imperial Fleet are assigned to the newest station along the edge of the Empire. As they work through their daily lives, they become embroiled in deep political conspiracies and interstellar politics. This is space opera at its best. List Gold Coast (novel) Blog M Blaze Miskulin
Legion Biblical Fantasy The Apocalypse is not a point event, it’s 1,000 years of war on Earth. It actually started in the mid 40s. The forces of Heaven & Hell have been fighting by proxy and gathering power and position. Now it’s time for them to get directly involved–though still in secret. “Sleeper” agents (arch angels) walk as men to gather forces and combat the enemy. List ‎Teaser 01
Little Dragon Action One young woman, out of boredom, decides to take on the dark side of Shanghai and work out her frustrations. List Teaser 01 M Blaze Miskulin
Mimir Conspiracy A secret organization made up of former spies, corporate and government officers, and an open-source network of “taskers” tracks down and utilizes lost, abandoned, and forgotten “assets in the pursuit of their goal. But… What is their goal?
Nexus Fantasy At the center of the tapestry is a world which reflects all worlds. Shadows and echoes of other 'verses whisper throughout. List Open
Queen's Totem Urban Fantasy The Trickster is the inspiration for Coyote, Loki, and others. He “steals” the daughter of the Queen and runs into the world of man. Only the Queen has the power to cross over into our world. She searches for her daughter with the help of “totems”–spirits of archetypes that inhabit random people when called upon. List
Secret Garden Crime Drama If you can't beat 'em... rule 'em: A former prosecutor becomes the leader of organized crime in his region, in order to protect his little girl. List ‎Teaser 01
Sondheim Musical Sondheim--the little-known 10th realm of Asgard--touches every thread of the Tapestry. Every story can be told through song and dance. And sometimes... they are. Any and All Open
Vector Superhero Adventure Private industry has entered the policing game, and stepped in where teh government has failed. Now there’s competition for services and pricing–and the customers get more say in what happens. A billionaire industrialist (who created the bill) starts his own team to fight where regular police can’t or won’t: A team of six members with skills just shy of super-human. List Teaser 01
Brain Bucket N/A This is a catch-all page for quick ideas, undeveloped 'verses, and inspirations that need to be worked into something larger (or thrown away).