The Librarian (Genn Tau)

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The Librarian (Genn Tau)
Genn Tau
Full Name Daniela Zuzunaga
Alias(es) Librarian
Age Mid 50s
Race South American
Sex Female
Height 160 cm
Mass 57 kg
Body Type soft
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Appearance Friendly
Occupation Archivist
Created By M Blaze Miskulin
First Appears Genn Tau Pilot
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Daniela Zuzunaga is the current Librarian for the Seven Circles. Ethnically, she is of mixed South American heritage (Peruvian and Brazilian). Daniela has been around magic all her life, but is not, herself, a user. She grew up in South and Central America, traveling with her mother and father who were an anthropologist and a journalist (and travel writer), respectively.

Daniela's mother was a member of the 5th Circle, while her father was a normal. She inherited a sensitivity to magic (she can tell if something or someone is magical if she's in close proximity), and a love for the stories that her mother and father told her. Her unique experiences and travels, along with an excellent education from her parents and private tutors, allowed her to get a scholarship to Tulane University in New Orleans, where she studied a combination of history and library sciences.

After graduation, she contacted the Trinity and applied to apprentice under the old Librarian. She was accepted, and eventually took over when the previous Librarian retired.


Daniela is both passionate and serious about her work in the Library. She is not, however, obsessive about it. She has a full life outside of work, engaging in several social groups (including ballroom dancing, community choir, and occasional poker games).

The Position

The Librarian is the master archivist for the Seven Circles. Each circle has their own library--and many individuals have private libraries--but the Library (always capitalized) contains the most comprehensive collection of histories, prophesies, and other documents in the world. One of the projects Daniela has been working on has been to record as much of the oral histories as possible, and preserve them in both written and digital formats.