Unified Corporeal Temple

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Symbol of the UCT

The Unified Corporeal Temple is the Nexus echo of the UCT from the Real Space. The basic belief structure is the same, as are the "gods". In Nexus, the UCT takes on a more active, political role, and includes (often requires) the use of magic.


The UCT in Nexus is a strict oligarchy and theocracy. At the top of the chain are the Five Bishops. Four are named for the primary elements (Stone, Fire, Water, Wind), while above them is the Arch-Bishop of Void. Void is analogous to the Pope on Earth. Each of the Five Bishops has a mystical power centered on their element. The exact nature of these powers changes with the individual holding the position, but the overall theme remains consistent. The Five Bishops, along with their support staff, is collectively known as "The Cathedral".kkk

Below the Bishops are the High Priests and High Priestesses (In some cultures and languages, there is no gender distinction). These are theoretically unlimited in number. Each High Priest governs a "diocese". These vary in size depending on local population and politics. To become a high priest, the individual must manifest magical abilities, and dedicate themselves to a discipline. That magical discipline also gives them their name.


Temporal Guard

The UCT is the only religion and religious organization which commands power across the globe. While there are dozens of different religions, most of them deal only with religion. The UCT also works within the political sphere, and has amassed significant influence in every primary and secondary nation.

Temporal Guard

In addition to the more esoteric powers of religion and politics, the UCT commands an army known as the Temporal Guard. This army serves the UCT directly, and is equal or superior to almost any other army on the planet. The UCT makes a point of never being the instigator of an armed aggression. They are, however, very good at goading others into making the first move, and then responding with overwhelming force.


The influence of the UCT is so large and so powerful that almost no nation can rebuff them on their own. The UCT acts as a "landless nation"--a political power that is not based on physical territories. On the other hand, the UCT understands that its political power must be carefully balanced. Should 2 or more powerful nations rise up against it, the Cathedral would have to stretch its resources thin, making it vulnerable to attacks from lesser powers. In addition, their mechanations leave them open to attacks of a political nature.