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M Blaze Miskulin

M Blaze Miskulin is the originator of Trilobyte Studios, as well as many of the universes it contains.

He is a long-time creator, with his first published work appearing in an award-winning fanzine in the early 80s. He has been most prolific in the world of theatre as a scenic and lighting designer. Other credits include writing and directing of an original play at UW Green Bay as well as writing and art for Iron Crown Enterprises. His resume has a slew of corporate work including advertising copy for print, radio, and television, graphic design and layout for print and television, voice acting, and public speaking.

These days, most of his creativity is displayed in writing and editing for online magazines and doing portrait photography through Studio 142. And, of course, he's writing all sorts of stuff here.

Blaze currently resides near Shanghai, China where he works as a corporate language consultant and tries to expose the locals to the wonders of aged cheddar and blue cheese.