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Genre Super-hero
Style Drama
Creator M Blaze Miskulin
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The 'Verse

On and alternate Earth, North America is divided east to west, and the government of the North American Union has been gutted by corruption and the inability to control spiking crime rates.

With the force of his fortune–and the PR machine it drives–a wealthy industrialist pulls off a coup and gets Congress to pass the Vigilante Act. Private police forces are now allowed to enforce the law–and be held accountable to it.

His own force is set up to take on the hardest cases, a private force to take on the cases that aren’t worth a profit. His team is known as Vector--"force with direction"--and focuses on "homegrown terrorist", meaning Union citizens who are a threat to the Union.

There’s one secret: The members of his team have “talents” that go beyond what normal humans should be able to do…