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Full Name Angrim
Alias(es) Angrim the Brave
Age 45
Race Human
Sex Male
Height 188 cm
Mass 120 kg
Body Type Muscular
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Appearance Masculine
Occupation Prince
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Created By M Blaze Miskulin
First Appears
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In 'Verse


Angrim is the eldest son and heir to King Chardros Stonecutter. Castle Whitemoon is home to the "kith and kin" of Urich. Along with his brother Ajax, Angrim grew up surrounded by a strong, diverse, and supportive family.

Urich has worked to prepare Angrim for his eventual role as King of Shan Ke.


From childhood, Angrim was always "blandly adventurous". He would walk into new places, try new things, and engage new circumstances with a calm sense of discovery. He was never afraid because, to him, everything was a discovery. He has a fair number of small scars from his adventures, but they taught him how to approach new situations smartly.

These childhood adventures--combined with the large number of highly-skilled teachers he had growing up--have given Angrim a very intimate knowledge of his own abilities and limitations. It has also given him the ability to understand the abilities and limitations of others. This--perhaps more than anything--makes him an exceptional leader.

While Angrim is the heir to the throne--and it is well acknowledged that he will be a great king--he has no desire for the throne. He will accept the responsibility when it comes, but until then, he prefers to be out in the world exploring, learning, and doing good. Where others see the throne as a symbol of power, he sees it as a burden that will force him to abandon adventure and spend the rest of his life dealing with the tedium of government.