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The Brain Bucket is a place for half-formed ideas, quick inspirations, and snippets of universes. Drop your quick ideas here for others to peruse. If an idea starts to get developed, it should be moved onto its own page.


451 strangers from all places and walks of life wake up in a closed facility. They all speak English and are all very healthy. None remember how they got there, nor anything about the situation.

Sherlock Holmes

In a freak crossover of reality and fiction, Sherlock Holmes is made real and transported to the current day.

He takes on the name "Charles Baker", and attempts to pick up where he left off. While he still retains his skills, he has no cultural references.


3 people--3 versions of the same person--are connected through time: past, present, future. They share a single consciousness. There is an unknown "power" that drives them to change history to fit an unknown goal. It requires changes in all three times. They don't know what this power is or what it wants.

Over the course of the story, they slowly learn what the goal is, and who--or what--the power is.


SF Thriller

Sam wakes up with no history, a mysterious note, a fake ID, and a head full of information. Armed only with data from nowhere, the conviction that she's a good person, and a lockbox full of cash, she becomes a guardian angel for those in need--while searching for her own identity.