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The following is a partial list of some of the important figures on Lou.

The Kingdom of Shan Ke

White Moon Clan

White Moon Clan is the royal family in the Kingdom of Shan Ke.

Black Moon Clan

  • Mane Khanson
  • Shrike
  • K'shan
  • Tai
  • Shandrea : Bounty hunter, Consort of Shrike
  • Ran
  • Mariko : Wife of Ran
  • Tira the Black : Mage and healer
  • Grey : Chief assassin for the guilds

Unified Corporeal Temple

The Unified Corporeal Temple is a major player in religion and politics on Lou.


  • Arch-Bishop of Void
  • Bishop Stone
  • Bishop Water
  • Bishop Flame
  • Bishop Air

High Priests and Preistesses