Saan Jarii

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Saan Jarii in full desert gear

The Saan Jarii are one of the three worlds in the Jarii Coalition. Along with the Coa Jarii and Jzung Jarii, the Saan were originally condemned prisoners left on a penal colony.

The Saan Jarii inhabit Daemos, one of a pair of planets at the inner edge of the "Goldilocks Zone" in the Isaar System. Daemos is a "desert planet", with the most of the habitable areas clustered in the northern polar regions near the few small seas.

The Saan have developed a culture and technology based partly on their Sha'an-Tai heritage, but greatly evolved to meet their environment. They have advanced technology in the areas of thermal fabrics, metallurgy, and polymers. They have been trading with the Jzung Jarii for about 20 years, and have recently joined with the Jzung and Coa to form the Jarii Coalition.